Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Antiques and Rain

This morning we left Davenport for Milwaukee. However, our first stop was just 15 miles up the road at LeClaire, Iowa. After some jockeying with the GPS we finally located Antique Archeology just off the main drag in LeClaire. We pulled up about 9am, an hour before they open for business. We had planned to just snap a few photos from outside and be on our way. However, Mike Wolf, owner and "star" of American Pickers (TLC) walked outside to greet us and invite us inside the shop. The place is a lot smaller than I thought it would be and is packed to the rafters with lots of cool things Mike and Frank have acquired, many items we have seen from the TV show. We looked around the shop and Mike was very friendly and took time to answer questions and show us around. Before long, a lot of other fans started showing up and it began to get a little crowded. Mike looked like he was busy trying to get his work done, so we did not want to impose any longer and be "in the way". He was gracious enough to let us take a quick photo with him before we mounted up and rode off to Milwaukee. Unfortunately, we did not get to meet Frank or Danielle. Maybe next time.

After leaving LeClaire we headed East and North on a variety of state and county roads, working our way toward Milwaukee. We were trying to outrun some nasty looking weather to the South and West of us. We stopped for lunch in Edgarton at a "joint" called 2 Brothers right on the main street. The place looks like a real dive bar when you walk in , but a very friendly waitress took our order and extremely pleasant. We ordered onion rings, cheese curds and I had a Gyro. Everything was great! This is good place to stop for lunch if you every find yourself riding through Edgarton, WI.

After lunch, we were greeted by drizzling rain as soon as we walked back to the bike. My hope was that once underway we could outrun the leading edge of the storm. That worked for about 40 miles before we began getting hammered with strong crosswinds and a pouring rain. By the time we got on the freeway into Milwaukee the rain was coming down hard and we were completely soaked! Of course, there was nowhere to pull off an put on our rain gear. Things got pretty dicey on the freeway into Milwaukee with traffic, pouring rain, limited visibility and major lightning! Scary shit to say the least! Even after missing the first exit, we finally pulled up to The Iron Horse Hotel in downtown Milwaukee.

The bike has been unloaded and we are exhausted. It has been a fun, exciting but tiring day. We stopped in the bar for a quick drink and cheese platter, and now we are back in our room for the night. Tomorrow we plan to walk around and explore more of Milwuakee.



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