Saturday, June 25, 2011

Cool ride to Marinette

We are in no real hurry this morning to leave Milwaukee since we have a very short ride to Marinette, WI. Only 188 miles. In my never-ending attempt to avoid Interstate highways, I re-routed us on US 41 North. No Interstate, but a busy, divided highway nonetheless. We prefer smaller, 2-lane back roads, but we are having little luck finding them on this trip so far.

The ride today was uneventful. Our Olympia jacket liners were pulled from the saddlebags and worn under our hi-viz yellow jackets to deal with the 57 degree temps. It never got above 65. The clouds and strong cross winds persisted for the entire ride. High winds make for a very energy-draining ride, at least for me.

Our ride was interrupted with a brief stop at Simon's Cheese Factory Store where we thought it prudent to stock up on some local cheese and wine to enjoy once we arrived at the hotel. One of my favorite Wisconsin delicacies is fried cheese curds, so when asked where they could be found, the lady behind the counter directed us to Tom's drive in just down the street. After loading our wine and cheese into the ice chest, we made a quick run to Tom's for a burger and cheese curds. They were excellent!
We arrived at Country Inn and Suites in Marinette, WI around 3pm. After we checked in and moved everything to our room, we got caught up on computer stuff and phone calls to friends and family. We opened our bottle of Wisconsin wine, broke out the cheese, and had a nice "meal" right in our suite.

Weather.wrong promises that tomorrow will be sunny, warmer and less windy for our ride around Lake Michigan to Traverse City, MI. We shall see!



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