Sunday, June 19, 2011

Detours, Dairy Queen and Davenport

We got an early start this morning in preparation for the 420 miles from Springfield, MO to Davenport, IA. We were on the road by 7:40am headed East on I-44 out of Springfield. Today's ride was mostly uneventful, and there is not a lot to see along the way, as is evidence by the photos. However, the weather was a perfect 77 degrees and virtually no wind for most of the ride.

We encountered a modest delay in Mexico, MO when we found a road on our route that was closed due to the rising/overflowing rivers in the area. This took us about 5o miles out of our way to allow the GPS to compensate and come up with an alternate route. Thank God for Garmin!

By 1:30 we were both getting hungry and after crossing over the border into Illinois, all we could find was a Dairy Queen, the staple of every motorcycle rider. We stopped and re-fueled for the remaining 100 miles into Davenport. Today, we crossed the Mississippi River twice! Once to get into Illinois and a second time into Iowa.

We are at the Hampton Inn Davenport, a nice, new Hampton that is in a great location next to lots of restaurants that we can walk to. Tomorrow, we plan to explore the Davenport area. Who knows where we might end up, or who we might meet!



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