Thursday, June 16, 2011

Last-Minute Tire Drama

I get back from coffee this morning with plans to get the trailer all packed and ready. As I begin to pull the trailer out of the garage, I noticed it was very hard to pull. Lo and behold, the left tire was completely flat. As you may recall, I just had brand new tires and inner tubes installed last week. I assume that the inner tube got pinched during install.

I spend the morning scrambling to see if I can find a replacement tube, but none are to be found. I take the wheel/tire off and drive it to the Honda dealer where I had the new tires installed in hopes that they could patch the inner tube. Miracle of miracles, they actually had a new inner tube to fit the tire and installed it while I waited.

I got back home, put the tire on, greased all the hitch fittings and got the ice chest cleaned out, trailer cleaned up and ready to hook up to the bike this evening. It's getting close!



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