Sunday, June 12, 2011

Ride-On Tire Sealant

So today I bought into the hype and decided I would try out the Ride-On Tire Sealant in my tires for our upcoming trip. I put 8oz in the front tire and 10oz in the rear, per the instructions. "Supposedly" the sealant is supposed to balance the wheels in addition to protect against puncture leaks. So, I removed the wheel weights, per instructions and rode the bike around the block, hoping to distribute the gel-like substance around the interior of the tire. At least up to 35mph the ride feels smooth. I will take it out on the highway later to see how the balance it. We shall see.

The downside to Ride-On is the cost. This will add around $50 to the cost of new tires as it has to be added with each new pair of tires (obviously). The other downside is that it only protects from punctures in the center of the tread, but truthfully, any sidewall puncture cannot be repaired anyway.

The substance was pretty simple to install. Just remove the valve core, let all the air bleed out, squeeze the stuff in and re-install the core. Basic stuff.



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