Friday, October 25, 2013

12 Things I Love About My Goldwing

I am sure if I tried hard enough, I could come up with a hundred things I love about my Goldwing. But, here are the 12 that really stand out for me.

1. Reliability - This is probably the #1 reason I bought my thrid Goldwing. When it comes to reliability and dependability there is no other bike on the market in this class that can compete with the Goldwing.

2. Smooth Highway Ride - As a touring bike, the Goldwing is hard to beat. On the open road, the ride is very compliant and controlled. Around town with uneven concrete and bumpy roads, not so much.

3. Power - The bike has more than enough power for my needs. I can ride 2-up, pulling a trailer full of crap, and cruise all day long with no worries. Even steep grades don't have any impact.

4. Storage - My 2012 has better storage than my previous Wing. The saddlebags are slightly deeper. I use this bike as my daily driver and routinely carry our groceries home on the Wing. And, I can go away for several days by myself and carry enough stuff in the saddlebags and trunk. I have a luggage rack and have not even used it yet!

5. GPS - The built-in GPS is acceptable (on the 2012). I like the fact that I can lay out custom routes on my computer and copy them to the SD card, something that was lacking on my 2007 Wing. Its still not worth the premium that Honda charges, but it is an improvement over the 2007 version.

6. Seat - The seat on the 2012 has been improved to the point that I do not need to spend $800 to upgrade the foam. I can do 500 miles a day with minimal butt pain.

7. XM Stereo/iPod - The integrated XM stereo and iPod interface is a big plus on my Wing. I subscribe to XM, but I negotiate with them to get a better annual rate. Cruiseman's Tip: Threaten to cancel your XM subscription unless they lower your rate, you might be surprised at what they will do to keep you as a customer.

8. TPMS - It would be better if the system displayed the actual PSI of each tire, but even lacking that, I like having the TPMS.

9. ABS - I personally believe ABS brakes should be standard equipment on all Goldwings. Having ABS gives me extra piece of mind knowing that I will not lock up the wheels in an emergency stop, especially important when pulling a trailer.

10. Lighting - The Wing really lights up the road at night. And, with my Goldwing HIDs it's even better!

11. Aftermarket - The Goldwing is an excellent platform for aftermarket accessories. The electrical system is powerful enough to handle lots of electrical add-ons and there are a lot of options when it comes time to personalize the Wing.

12. Community - The Goldwing community is another huge benefit of owning a Wing. I have met some really great folks through the forum and there is always someone available to help out if you have a problem.



  1. Very interesting.

    I have a 2002, stock, and have never had any desire to add the radio, the TPMS, the GPS, extra lights, or options. I like to think when I ride.

    Other than adding a CB (mine had the option, but it was never installed) so I can talk to my husband on his bike - which is so much better than hand signals - I can't imagine changing it.

    Your #12, however, is spot on. The Goldwing community is incredibly supportive and helpful . That's how I found your blog!

  2. Have you experienced any problems with the TPMS system on your 2012 GL1800?

    1. Other than occasionally getting a TPMS light glowing for some unknown reason, no. It works OK, it is just not that usable. I now have a Doran system installed which is FAR superior.

    2. 13. Looks- Nothing looks like a GL1800. It makes a statement when you see a Goldwing traveling down a highway. My group looks very impressive when we ride.

      14. Functionality- All devices are within ease reach and easy to use without having to take your eyes off the road. No useless menus to scroll through while driving.

      15. Maintenance- These bikes are very easy to maintain if you have a little bit of mechanical no-how.

    3. Bryan, my only caveat would be on your #14. On the 2012+ models, the radio controls do require that you take your eyes off the road to control and I think it is very dangerous. On the earlier Goldwing models, I agree with you completely.