Monday, February 17, 2014

Elect Me And I Will Lower Your Taxes!

Now that we are coming upon another elections, the lies will begin lying about lowering taxes. Some Republicans in Texas are already touting how they voted for the biggest tax cut in Texas history. Huh? I have lived in Texas for nearly 50 years and my taxes have never gone down. A few years back, when Rick Perry was elected, they voted in some bill that lowered the state property tax rate, but the counties simply re-valued the homes at a higher market value, so the net taxes never decreased. What a scam. These guys talk about wanting to lower taxes, which I agree is necessary to stimulate the economy, but they don't have a clue as to how to replace the lost revenue.

Granted, if taxes are truly reduced, the stimulative effect on the economy would result in more tax revenues down the road. We saw that happen under Reagan in the 1980s. The biggest tax revenue problem we face in the US right now is from outrageously high unemployment. There are fewer people making money from which to take tax dollars. Of course, these unemployed not only use the services of government that the rest of us pay for, they actually drain resources as they collect unemployment, welfare, disability, etc. It is a double-dip, of sorts.

But, there are ways to significantly cut taxes and increase revenues almost immediately, without having to wait for the stimulative effect of lower taxes to take effect. It is something I am surprised no politician has proposed. So, if you elect me as your Mayor, Governor or President, here is what I will do to lower your taxes. I like to call it, "naming rights."

Think of any major sports stadium in the USA. The owners usually use tax revenues through a bond election pay to build the stadium, then end up owning the naming rights, which they sell to a major corporation. There's 3Com Stadium, AT&T Stadium, American Airlines Arena, the list goes on. Corporations are looking for creative ways to extend their brand to consumers. So as your PresGovMayor, I will lower the cost of vehicle registration by giving you the option of having a license plate that bears a corporate logo. I will charge, say McDonalds, $35 per license plate to have their logo, or Ronald Freakin' McDonald printed on your plate. In turn, by having that logo appear on your license plate, I will reduce your cost (your tax) by $30. My county or state nets $5. We will have multiple corporate sponsorships from which to choose, or, you can pay the full price and have no logo. OK, that's one idea.

Next, why don't we sell off the national parks to private industry? Certainly Disney could do a better job of managing Yellowstone than the US Government. I would do a long-term management deal with Disney, Six Flags, you name it, to operate the parks under their brand. They would still remain under the ownership of the US Government, but let private industry run it, and pay for the right.

But, I am just getting started. Your child would not be attending Andrew Jackson High, or Alamo Junior High if I were governor. They would be attending AT&T High School! Why not let corporations pay millions to name a school, then reduce everyone's property taxes accordingly. Even if I did not give up naming rights to the school, I could have a corporate sponsor for the schools and allow them to put their ads for their products all over the school. Even the teachers would wear AT&T logos on their polo shirts. Why not? The kids are being bombarded with advertising anyway. Of course, in a perfect world, the schools would all be privatized anyway.

I will do the same with our roads and bridges. Why not have a section of highway re-named "American Airlines Way" instead of having it named for some crooked-ass politician? You let me do that, and I can further reduce property taxes and gasoline taxes.

You think this is crazy? This country is more than 17 trillion in debt, so their way is not working. Why not give my way a try. I am not only telling you that I will lower your taxes, I am telling you how I am going to do it. When was the last time any politician did that?



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